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What is shoreVines?

shoreVines supports the growth of more vineyard acres and new vineyard businesses.

Why shoreVines?

Wineries producing local, national and international award winning wines are creating a demand market for Maryland grown grapes and they are providing sustainability to the region's agricultural industry. The Upper Shore Regional Council, comprised of the County Commissioners from Cecil, Kent and Queen Anne's counties, municipal elected officials, the County Administrators and Senators and Delegates of the Maryland General Assembly who represent the region, is working to support this growing industry on the Upper Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Under a grant through the Maryland Agricultural Educational and Rural Development Assistance Fund, and with the assistance of those who will potentially benefit, the Upper Shore Regional Council has developed a marketing campaign, shoreVines, to encourage the development of vineyards in the upper shore region. A vineyard business holds profit advantages for ag landowners; additionally these profitable acres are a way to keep our beautiful open space farmlands and heritage properties. Ultimately, we expect to extend the campaign to market our wineries and to increase tourism through marketing the Eastern Shore Wine Trail.

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Behind shoreVines

The shoreVines initiative and Experience Chesapeake Wine Country is sponsored by the Upper Regional Shore Council. We'd love to hear from you as to how to further our support of the wine industry on the Eastern Shore of Maryland so contact the shoreVines manager here.

To get more information about the Upper Shore Regional Council call (410) 810-2124 or visit their website.

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shoreVines Recognition

Press Conference Launch

On December 7, 2009 the Upper Shore Regional Council (USRC) and members of the Agricultural Sustainability Committee officially launched the "grow grapes ~ a vital option for the upper shore" shoreVines marketing campaign and website. See press conference release


bottom photo: December 7, 2009 press conference launching the shorevines initiative; present were members of the Upper Shore Regional Council, government officials, grape growers and the media.

Award-winning Economic Initiative

This initiative is a part of a regional collaboration, "vines to wines", which was awarded the 2010 Maryland Economic Development Association Regionalism Award at the annual MEDA awards June 7th.youTube video presentationsee award presentation on youTube.