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How do you keep a beautiful third generation farm productive? Listen to Judy Crow, co-owner with her husband Roy, of a destination vineyard and Farmstay B &B for people who want to get away from "it all". Learn about the evolution of their farm to a successful vineyard and winery business with farm roots.

The Workforce Show

Why Grow Upper Shore Grapes - Basics:

  • They have a small acreage requirement:
    Up to 5 acres: Part-time venture; 5-10 acres: Part-time plus seasonal hired help; 10-15 acre: Potential for full time
  • Can generate a high profit:
    Up to $3000-$7000 per acre gross returns
    Labor demands are spread throughout the year
  • Regions with proximity to large bodies of water provide ideal climates, the upper Chesapeake Bay, less prone to ocean climatic swings provides a climate lock where temperature averages and extremes are very similar.
  • Grapes have a low water requirement
  • They are a smart environmental choice: low fertilizer requirements and less soil runoff
  • Proximity to the University of Maryland Viticulture science center