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For anyone considering devoting acres to cultivating grapevines there is a great body of online information on hand to draw from as well as grant opportunities to help you finance your operation.(see links at right)

Financial Planning

Prospective Vineyard Owner Worksheet.pdf

Vineyard Workbook.xls

Commercial Vineyard Establishment Revolving Loan Fund Guidelines for Queen Anne's County.pdf

Vineyard Management

Are you a part-time grower? Consider using a Vineyard Management Company to help provide design, labor, equipment and specialized services.

How to grow grapes
see our shoreVines demo videos with Vineyard Management expert Jennie Schmidt

Site Visits

Many of our shoreVines volunteers are happy to take interested parties into their vineyards to share their learning on-site. And check out our "in the vineyard" column for local area tips and hints on growing healthy grapevines.

Maryland's Wine Industry

Read an article about the challenges and the very possible bright future for Maryland's Wine Industry

Buy & Sell Fruit & Equipment, List or Find a Job, and more…

The Maryland Grape Growers Association and the Maryland Wineries Association have activated a new tool to make finding buyers easier then ever. Just go to this link. You’ll find a very easy to use site that not only lets you advertise, for free, your grapes, but where you can also list equipment, services and other items. Heck, you may even find a new job.

shoreVines is a sponsor of the Maryland Wineries Association Chesapeake Wine Trail

The Maryland Wineries association is a valuable source of information for starting a winery business.
learn more>

Research & Education

Joseph A. Fiola Ph.D.,
Viticulture and Small Fruit Specialist,

conducts University of MD research programs in viticulture (grape growing), enology (winemaking),and education; Dr. Fiola works with existing vineyard and winery owners to increase production and improve quality and works with new vineyard owners to expand the industry in Maryland.

Wine & Vineyard Reports

Maryland Grape Growers Report:
2010 Best Harvest in Years

The Maryland Wine Association

Ag info on Growing Grapes

Starting a Commercial Vineyard
The Maryland Wine Association

Growing premium wines
Maryland Grape Grower's Association


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California trained winemaker recruited to East coast in 2005 to work at a Long Island Winery; currently consulting at wineries in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Ohio.

Financing Avenues

...Maryland Vineyard Planting Loan Fund

Queen Anne's County resources

Kent County Office of Economic Development
...value of Vineyard Management; Vineyard Loan Program info

Cecil County Office of Economic Development
...agricultural agency support