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Maryland's Wines have been Growing (in popularity)

Rising Industry

With fourteen vineyards on the Eastern Shore with more to come, a new taste is beginning to take root, for Eastern Shore wine, and a new boon to agritourism.

Historical Bohemia Manor Farm reborn as elegant Chateau BuDe Vineyard & Winery

Travelers of Chesapeake Wine Country have been curious about the beautiful slope of 14,000 new vines gracing the northern shore of the Bohemia River in Cecil County. It is Chateau BuDe Vineyards & Winery.

  1. Maryland's Wines have been growing
  2. New Vineyard & Winery

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About Upper Eastern Shore Wineries:

In 2009 there were just 3 wineries on the Upper Shore of Maryland's Eastern Shore. Currently there are ten wineries producing or planning to produce wine in Kent, Queen Anne's, and Cecil counties: Cassinelli Winery & Vineyards, Clovelly Vineyards, Crow Farm & Vineyard, Dogwood Farms, Dove Valley Vineyard & Winery, Elk Manor Winery, Cascia Vineyards, Salisa Winery & Vineyards, Terrapin Station Winery, Tilmon's Island Winery and Turkey Point Vineyard.

About shoreVines & Wines

As an initiative, shoreVines and Wines is designed to help the people curious about the necessities to get into the wine industry, to provide those curious parties with appropriate resources and contacts to get the right answers and the right support to make their dreams come true.

shoreVines is a sponsor of the Maryland Wineries Association Chesapeake Wine Trail

The Maryland Wineries association is a valuable source of information for starting a winery business.
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Additional resources in the region can be found at some of the large universities e.g. UMD, Virginia Tech, or Penn State.


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California trained winemaker recruited to East coast in 2005 to work at a Long Island Winery; currently consulting at wineries in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Ohio.

Business Planning

Sustainable Winery Manual and Worksheets


Branding and Label Design Loblolly Productions
Based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland Loblolly is known for their distinctive branding, wine label and website design capabilities. The company received the 2013 Veraison Award from the Maryland Grape Grower's Association presented annually to an industry supporter who helps further the viticulture industry in the State of Maryland.

Wine & Tourism

Winery Tourism is encouraged by the Chesapeake Wine Trail page on the Maryland Wineries Association website. is an initiative of shorevines presenting the wineries on Maryland's Eastern Shore and the exciting growth of the wine industry.