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Area Vineyard Management Companies

Schmidt Vineyard Management Company

Profile: Schmidt Vineyard Management company was founded by the Schmidt Farming family in 2000 to provide vine management expertise, services and equipment to vineyard owners who otherwise would not have the time, resources or knowledge to move a vineyard from start to profitable production. The company serves vineyards in the Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's and Talbot County area and owner Jennie Schmidt also conducts workshops as part of her tenure as president on the Maryland Grape Grower's Association.

Fees: Estimates are provided on a per job basis, after a visitation to a potential vineyard customer, as each vineyard site is different and the cost of providing services varies depending on the age and past management of vines. New vineyards vary too depending on soil conditions and prep work the owner may or may not have done..

Services: mechanical planting, weed control, pest management, hedging, leaf pulling, hand harvest, dormant pruning, and brush chopping. Pruning and harvest are hand labor jobs, the others are mechanized. Additionally the company specializes in hand labor jobs such as shoot thinning and fruit thinning, vine tucking and combing and any customized solutions that help keep the vines in position and the fruit at the right crop level...

Contact: Jennie Schmidt
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Tidewater Vineyards

Contact: Paul Spies
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What is a Vineyard Management Company (VMC)?

A VMC is a company which establishes, operates, and/or consults for owners of new or existing vineyards.

A VMC’s services could be as extensive as the complete establishment and operation of a vineyard for an individual who has the land, the financial resources, and the interests in grape growing, but not the inclination or interest to do the work themselves. It could involve offering only consulting services to an established vineyard. It could also offer selected services to those owners who wish to do some of the work themselves. A VMC offers a cafeteria-style menu of services that the owner picks and chooses to fit their needs, and provides these services without the need for a land owner to have a substantial personal investment in machinery and equipment.